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Tom Ikonomou:

I'm a husband, a father and an entrepreneur. My biggest goal in life is to leave a legacy for my children. 
I grew up in Kelowna and lived in various areas of British Columbia and I now have the great pleasure of living in this beautiful city.

Real estate is my other passion. My commitment to superior customer service is clear and I always go the extra mile to provide my clients with the highest level of skill and expertise. You will benefit from my exceptional knowledge of Vancouver. 

I operate by a Code of Ethics that emphasizes personal integrity, loyalty, and honesty. If you ever feel that I have not properly represented you, simply tell me and I will do everything in my power to rectify this.

When you're buying or selling property in today's real-estate market, it's important to have confidence in your real estate professional. When you're an informed buyer or seller, you'll make the best decisions for the most important purchase or sale in your lifetime. 

That's why my goal is to keep you informed on trends in the marketplace using the latest statistics in your local area.    

I look forward in taking the next step with you on your journey to a life changing event whether you're buying, selling or leasing in Real Estate

Yours very truly,

Cell: 01 778-879-8366 | Office: 604-439-2266 | Office Fax: 604-439-2299

Mission Statement: 

  • To engage in clear and open communication with clients, potential clients and unrepresented parties. 

  • To engage in active listening to understand consumers' expectations and questions. 

  • To use professional judgement and advise my clients of their best options.

  • To take time to ensure there is mutual understanding & to assist clients in making fully-informed choices.

  • To provide loyalty by putting clients interests first, even before my own.

  • To avoid conflicts of interest by avoiding any situation that would affect my duty to act in my clients best interests. 

  • To fully disclose relevant information by giving all facts known that might affect my clients decisions.

  • To protect clients confidentiality by not revealing private information without their permission

  • To negotiate the best possible price and terms for my clients

Brief Background:

Before Tom became a licensed professional, Tom, like most people... was unaware of the mechanics involved in a real estate transaction. Tom encountered three really bad experiences... one while selling, one while buying... and the other while leasing. 

These real estate related experiences incurred damages that far outreached any monetary value.

Knowing the impact a bad real estate transaction can have in a person's life... Tom vowed to demystify the real estate sales process so that he could represent homeowners and potential homeowners and make their real estate buying or selling experience one of which they can boast about to their friends and family. 

Tom believes It's not their your job to know the in's and out's of a real estate transaction.. It's Tom's.

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Tom Ikonomou
Tom Ikonomou
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