Meet Tom..

Tom encountered three bad real estate experiences. One while Selling, one while Buying... and the other while Leasing. 

These experiences happened before he became a licensed real estate professional and the damages in addition far outreached any monetary value. 

Knowing the impact a bad real estate transaction can have in a persons life... Tom vowed to demystify the real estate sales process and provide extraordinary representation to homeowners whether they be Buying, Selling or Leasing. It's not their your job to know the in's and out's of a successful real estate transaction.. It's Tom's.

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Mission Statement: 

  • To engage in clear and open communication with clients, potential clients and unrepresented parties. 

  • To engage in active listening to understand consumers' expectations and questions. 

  • To use professional judgement and advise my clients of their best options.

  • To take time to ensure there is mutual understanding & to assist clients in making fully-informed choices.

  • To provide loyalty by putting clients interests first, even before my own.

  • To avoid conflicts of interest by avoiding any situation that would affect my duty to act in my clients best interests. 

  • To fully disclose relevant information by giving all facts known that might affect my clients decisions.

  • To protect clients confidentiality by not revealing private information without their permission

  • To negotiate the best possible price and terms for my clients

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Tom Ikonomou
Tom Ikonomou
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